Zero To Production In Rust

Luca Palmieri
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There has never been a better moment to learn Rust, the most loved language on Stack Overflow for six years in a row!

The demand for Rust developers is growing (fast!) as more and more companies choose Rust to build their systems using Rust - e.g. AWS, Microsoft, Dropbox, Cloudflare and many others.

Zero to Production in Rust

“Zero to Production in Rust” bridges the gap between casual and professional usage.
It takes you on a learning journey, teaching you how to use Rust effectively for backend development.

“Zero To Production in Rust” shows you how the pros do it. We talk at length about observability, ease of operation, system design - topics that are often skipped or merely mentioned in "hands-on" backend books.

You’ll learn by doing: you’ll build a whole project, step by step, supported by extensive code examples.

When you finish “Zero to Production in Rust”, you will have the confidence and skill set to successfully tackle Rust projects, either professionally or for fun. 

The book cover

Who is this for?

✅ Backend developers who want to pick up Rust. 

✅ Rust developers who want to deepen their knowledge of backend development.

❌ If this is your first programming language then it would be better to start elsewhere to learn the basic concepts of coding without the added challenges of Rust or backend systems.

You don’t need to be proficient in Rust to enjoy the book. It's enough to have had exposure to the syntax (to the point of being able to follow the code examples), ownership, struct and enums. The rest is explained (e.g. async/await), referred or can be picked up from context.
I suggest reading the first few chapters of the Rust official free book.

What’s inside?

“Zero to Production in Rust” guides you in building a working newsletter API in Rust, step by step, through 11 chapters and 500 pages. Concepts are introduced in context, as they are needed.

The entire source code for the project is publicly available on Github with regular snapshots at key points in the book for you to use and refer to.

When incorporating concepts specific to Rust (e.g. traits), the book links to the relevant sections of the official Rust book to give you a streamlined path to understanding the language.

Going through this book, you’ll learn to:

  • Navigate and leverage Rust's crates ecosystem
  • Structure your application to make it modular and extensible
  • Write tests, from single units to full-blown integration tests
  • Enforce your domain invariants using Rust's type system
  • Authenticate and authorize users of your API
  • Implement a robust error handling strategy
  • Observe the state of your application using structured logs
  • Set up an extensive continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline for your Rust projects

Is the code easy to follow?

The code is designed to be readable even if you have no backend experience or only know the basics of Rust.

Great care has been taken to break down the code you write into digestible snippets which are clearly explained.

The book pauses when introducing new concepts to give you as much understanding as possible.

Our first encounter with the impl Trait syntax.

Common questions are asked and answered to help you address any common misconceptions.

Scratching under the surface - how does tokio::main work?

About the author

My name is Luca Palmieri. I’m a Principal Engineer at TrueLayer and a long-time member of the Rust community. I am a co-organiser of the Rust London User Group and the author of several Rust crates. 

“Zero To Production In Rust” is informed by my years of experience using Rust in production, at TrueLayer, to power our core payments platform.

What people are saying

The title and structure of this book reflects one of the core values of Rust: to find its worth in writing production software that is solid and works. Rust shows its strength in the care and knowledge that went into it to write stable software productively. Such an experience is best found with a guide and Luca is one of the best guides you can find around Rust.

Florian Glitcher
Management Director at Ferrous Systems and
Co-Founder of the Rust Foundation

"Zero to Production in Rust" kept us focused on the parts of Rust that we needed to get the job done well.

Marcus Rådell
Director of Engineering at Deversify

"Zero Production in Rust" is the best way to kick off Rust adoption at your company, whether you're a startup or an enterprise organisation.

Jeremy Hindle
Co-Founder of Integrity, Custodian & Cloudline

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  1. Do you offer a refund?

Yes! Simply email me within 15 days from the purchase and I will issue a refund. No questions asked.

  1. Are updates included in the purchase?

You will receive free updates (errata, new sections, etc.) for the lifetime of the book.

  1. What formats is the book available in?

The book is available in multiple formats: PDF, ePUB, MOBI.

  1. What if I want to buy a copy of the book for my whole team?

You can find both a team (up to 8), company (>8, <60) and enterprise (>60) license!

  1. The book looks cool, but it's way too expensive for me!

If you are a student, unemployed or you just can't afford it right now send an email to contact @ - we'll sort it out!

  1. If I find an error or a typo, how do I report it?

Send an email to contact @ - I am extremely grateful to all readers reporting issues!


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Zero To Production In Rust

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